What Are Anal Hooks and How To Use Them?

Some very unique tools are discovered to make erotic moments wilder and more thrilling. Anal hooks are one of them. If someone finds a butt plug or dildo in your room, he or she will easily recognize it. That situation will lead you to a weird conversation. The chances are high that nothing is going to happen if someone discovers an anal hook in your room. Many people do not know what are anal hooks and why these tools used. Anyone finds it will ask what it is. 

The ignorance is not limited to a few people because many people do not know why anal hooks are used. They search about it on the internet and here we are going to reveal everything you want to know about anal hooks

What are anal hooks?

An anal hook is a unique device, used widely during BDSM sex practices. It has been around for many years. In fact, anal hooks were used during the medieval times to torture people and these were very frightening tools for torture. The role of this device gradually changed over time and today it has turned into a sex toy. Its design is much improved and it has become less painful and more pleasurable sex toy for BDSM sex lovers. 

As you can check online, most of the anal hooks come in J or U shape. Their designs are pretty similar. One end of this device comprises a tiny sphere like object and a wide loop is attached on the other end. That ball provides additional stimulation during the erotic moment. The loop or ring is meant to stay out of your body in order to prevent hook from getting deeper into your rectum. This device is for you, if you love to play like bondage in your room. The anal hook producing companies use surgical grade stainless steel to produce this device. This material is easy to sanitize and that’s why it is used for producing anal hooks. 

How to use anal hooks?

As the name suggests, anal hooks are anal sex tools. This device goes into the anus and that’s what it is meant to do. However, some adventure lovers have tried to put it in vagina. It did not cause any harm though, you should avoid doing that. The U shape or J shape of hook prevents it from going deeper into the vagina. So, there is no need to try unnecessary adventure because it can be painful if you force it deeper. 

The beginners may find it very difficult to know how to use them. Their unique shape makes it a bit difficult to put that tiny ball inside. Not much information is available online regarding how to use anal hooks. Here are some tips you should follow to use anal hooks properly. 

  • Get ready!

Yes, it is going to be adventurous and a little bit wilder. You should better prepare for it before any accident takes place during the play. Go to your bathroom, release the waste, and try anal douching before you use anal hook. It may still be a bit dirty but you will not be worried about any kind of accident during the play. 

Along with releasing everything remaining in your rectum, you should also be mentally prepared for that unique anal play. It will be more enjoyable and less weird if you get in the mood. You are going to feel a unique thrill of anal play with anal hooks. You might be feeling too much excited and it is good to move ahead. 

  • Apply the lubricant:

That stainless steel made anal hook may look very smooth and shiny, but it will not slip easily through your butthole and anal canal. Your anus is not going to release any kind of natural lube like vagina. So, you will have to use a high-quality lubricant before you begin the play. The experts advise using silicone-based or oil-based lubes. These are thicker lubricants designed especially for anal sex stimulation. 

That lube will last much longer and allow you to slip anal hooks conveniently in your butthole. It will be less painful with lube and very irritating without lube. So, do not forget to use a high-quality lubricant. 

  • Go slow:

You should apply lube on your finger, put it within your butthole, and move it like fingering before you put anal hook in your butthole. It will prepare your anus for taking much firmer and wider object in. You will know how to relax and release the opening of butthole to let the hook slip in easily. Now get the hook and put that ball in your anus. You should go slowly to know how it feels when a replica of medieval time torture device passes through numerous nerves surrounding your rectum. Push it slowly and let it pass through sphincter muscles to feel the true thrill of anal hooks. 

  • Enjoy your time:

Once the hook is in there, it might cause a very little discomfort. That lube will work very well to eliminate the pain and now is the time to enjoy the anal play. You can simulate BDSM play and get tied like a slave to enjoy it in a more thrilling way. That hook will move back and forth if tied perfectly. You can learn some beginner’s tactics to use anal hook and practice BDSM more perfectly like you can watch in the movies. 

Some users say anal hooks are more pleasurable sex toys than anal beads and butt plugs. Well, everyone has a unique choice and there is no wonder if people love anal hooks more than normal anal toys. Its unique shape makes it more lucrative for the beginners. The fear of getting hurt vanishes when you put this hook in and move it slowly within your anal canal. It feels more pleasurable and less painful with every passing minute. That’s why the demands for high-quality anal hooks is increasing and more people are practicing BDSM sex nowadays.